About Us

We have been a family owned and operated business since 1953...


Being the son of Tom May who was the son of Frank G. May who was the founder of A&M Distributors (aka The Pool Place), I have grown up around pools and spas. But that gives me no less appreciation for what we do and why we do it. Our neighbors had a pool when I was a little boy and it was the center of activity around our homes. Church friends were over all the time. I remember my mom had to force us to take one hour of quiet time in our rooms each day, otherwise, we were running, swimming, and playing hard with many friends. Then when Kelly, my big sister (now CFO of the company) was 15, Dad gave us kids a choice. He had worked for years with little return to show, but the business had really begun to take off and he finally had a financial break. He offered us either a boat, a small primitive lake cabin, or a large swimming pool. We chose the latter. All three of us were so fond of pool time, we chose the idea of fun and friends out our own door every day. From the moment the pool was warm enough to swim in, everyone of us, including our neighbor kids were in the pool just about every waking hour. We spent more time outside than in. We certainly spent more time active with others than sitting, watching something alone. My summers as a boy still stick out with fond memories and carried forward lasting relationships formed with families around the pool.

In a day when entertainment captivates our kids, planting them squarely on the couch and when community is increasingly a relic of the past and good family time is hard to find, the pool remains one thing, one place that brings us all excitedly together. Those who own pools can tell you, it's where you'll find the family in the hot summer months. And as the demands on our days can make it hard for mom and dad to come together without someone or something else talking to us or for us, the spa can be the perfect retreat, a special place of connection and conversation as we experience meaningful therapy. Rather than being distracted from one another, we become drawn together in comfort and calm. But pools and spas are not all the backyard has to offer. Backyard living is a real gift for those who get it. Be it dining, grilling, lounging, playing and otherwise living, it's living done deliberately and done together.

My Dad had a vision decades ago. His vision was to sell community and fun affordably. He worked hard to make sure that just about everyone had access to a high quality pool or spa of their own. Family fun is not just for the elite and the Pool Place has proven that as we continue to delivery backyard living products of class and quality for every budget. Since I came on board in leadership, the Pool Place has expanded into a full service, one-stop-shop for backyard living offering inground pools and above, patio furniture, shade products, spas... whatever you may need to add an outdoor room to your home from pergolas to fireplaces. We still work hard to find the best value products the market has to offer and deliver them affordably to you in a way that you can understand the value.  We still strive hard to not only meet folks where they are, with their particular needs and restrictions, but to do so in a way that is genuinely committed to doing what is right for your family.  Finally, we have earned our reputation and maintain that reputation by supporting our customers every step of the way. 

I believe that an investment in the outdoor space of your home is a wonderful investment in your family. One that will pay dividends in your children for many years to come and one you will enjoy and appreciate even after they have grown up and brought a new generation of grandchildren over to play.  Just ask my mom who sees her beloved grandkids plenty, thanks to our treks to her house for family swim time.

Frank C May