The Pool Place views the backyard as part of your home. Indeed it is part of your habitat, that place where children are raised, families strengthened, and much of our lives shared with one another. We see the backyard as so much more; the most exciting living space in your home. Folks who build a pool in the backyard, surround it with patio, and adorn it with furnishings find themselves spending more time in the backyard room than any other about half the year. It turns out to be not only the best place for the family to gather without the distraction of TV, but a communal gathering space as well. And it’s not just about swimming. In fact, maybe half your time in the backyard will be spent around the pool, not in it. Parties, dinners, play, unwinding, book reads, you name it, it moves out into the great outdoors.  



From the pool to the patio and even the outdoor den, the Pool Place is your one-stop backyard living shop.  When it comes to Pools, we have more options at more price points than any other player in our region.  The amazing and affordable Pool Blue line, the Keystone Grecian style sport pool, traditional steel wall vinyl pools, polymer walls, and even fiberglass; we cover the spectrum of capabilities and cost.  We have the pool of your desires at a price that will fit your budget. Expanding the home into the outdoors is an exciting and rewarding investment. After browsing our online content, please come in or call to set an appointment with one of our customer advocates.  We find the process is more fruitful if we start to understand your vision and introduce you to your options in the store. 

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